Performance Evaluation

The most important first step for any athlete considering a performance-training program is to have a full assessment completed by one of our certified WSP Performance coaches. The WSP coach will have the athlete do a warm-up followed by a series of speed, power, and agility tests during which we record times/measurements and analyze functional movement (i.e. squat form, running form, change of direction technique, jumping/landing efficiency, etc.) throughout the session.


Afterward, we discuss the athlete’s functional strengths and weakness with his/her parents to discuss the functional strengths and weaknesses of how they performed and what aspects of his/her athleticism they may need more work on, as well as, how to improve in all areas.  Here is where we can guide the athlete and his/her parents toward recommended classes based on individual needs.   The evaluation is a great tool to measure results as well.


Once the athlete completes 8-10 weeks of training a WSP coach will have them re-evaluated. The athlete and his/her parent will be able to see visible results from the training.

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