It’s Time to Train!

Now is the time to get ready for your winter sport! Whether your athlete is in elementary school just starting out and exploring various sports, in middle school where they are honing into a couple of sports they really excel at and enjoy or whether they’re a high level high school or college athlete, the Parisi Speed School of Morristown has the right training programs and coaching experience to help them up their game and get them to the next level.

The Parisi methodology is our proprietary training system with proven results for youth ages 7 through 18 and beyond. The following programming is included in the Parisi Youth Sports Training System:

  • Jump Start– Designed for young athletes ages 7-12, this small group program of 6 or less creates the foundation for success in every sport by focusing on speed mechanics, fluid movement, injury prevention and overall coordination. Jump Start is broken out into JS1 (7-9 yrs old), and JS2 (10-12 yrs old) and focuses on age appropriate skill development.
  • Total Performance– Designed for athletes ages 12-18, this small group program focuses on the mechanics used in acceleration, deceleration, top speed, and change of direction to maximize improvements in athletic performance. It also focuses on core development and full body strength. Total Performance is broken out into TP1 (12-15 yrs old) and TP2 (16-18 yrs old). Some athletes progress to higher levels at younger ages depending on their work ethic and goals.
  • Elite Training– Highest level training platform for athletes ages 14-22. This small group program transitions Total Performance athletes to highest level training protocols focusing on the regression and progression of our signature sports performance methods with the utilization of sport specific skills and drills. For athletes seeking to play at the collegiate level.
  • PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge)– Designed for the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on specific improvement goals of the athlete needed to compete in his/her specific sport at a competitive level. The athlete can schedule private one-on-one sessions, or semi-private one-on-three sessions for this offering.

If you have questions on how to start, contact us at or call 973-539-2000.