Key Fact #1 – Consistency – What makes a good athlete Great? The top answer to that is Consistency! Athletes who are solidly consistent with their off-the-field preparation and training are the same ones that accomplish the most on the field.

Key Point #2 – In Season Maintenance – What helps an athlete maintain summer gains during Fall Season? Athletes CAN maintain progress made in summer training during their fall sport. Athletes who have prepared and trained all summer for their Fall sport can maintain their hard earned progress during their Fall season by spending a couple hours per week practicing functional movement, strength and mobility. Parisi Morristown has a good training program for this!

Key Point #3 – Recovery – What keeps an athlete at their best? Recovery!

In addition to maintaining off-season progress during in-season play, an athlete continues toward greatness by a great recovery strategy.

Getting 8 hours of sleep
Eating well
Cool down stretching
Developing solid coping mechanisms to handle day-to-day stress. Stress steals energy and focus needed for the field.
Parents and coaches can help their athletes by focusing them on the three key points:

In-season maintenance
Focus on these and you will help your athlete go from good to great!