Parisi for Adults Participants: Ages 18+ Focus: Physical Fitness and health awareness

Parisi Adult Training is designed with the adult in mind whether they are in very good physical condition or completely de-conditioned. This program is highly motivational and inspirational and designed with a variety of goals in mind including weight loss, core strength, full body strength, functional movement and aerobic improvement! 

This program will teach participants the keys to staying fit and help establish and develop a fitness for life mindset. It will help develop solid exercise habits and nutritional awareness. 

Parisi Adult Training is specific to your goals and needs! Our first step will be an evaluation where we will bring you through a series of functional movement screens to get a baseline on the individuals movements, injury history, goals, etc. We will then determine if you will benefit more from a foundational physical training program or a more advanced program. 

Whatever your goals, melting away those extra pounds or replacing flab with muscle Parisi Adult Training will help you get there! Maybe you’re looking to relieve stress, boost your energy level, help restore your vitality or just feel better! Whatever your goal, our Parisi Adult Training with our time tested methodologies will help you get there! 

WARNING: Parisi Adult Training could make you look younger than you actually are! 

CTA – Use code PAFitness18 when you register and receive two FREE weeks of training!